Jennifer Carpenter is a freelance science journalist.   She writes about women, women’s health and human tissue, its meaning, value and the ethics of its use, among other things.

Her writing has appeared in Science, Nature, Science Careers, BBC News, New Scientist, BBC Focus magazine, BBC Wildlife, and she has made and produced radio for the BBC and CBC. She formerly worked as a broadcast journalist at the BBC in London and as a reporter for Science.

She holds a lecturing position at the University of Toronto, has chaired panels at numerous science festivals, and over the last decade trained hundreds of scientists at dozens of universities and institutes about how to better communicate.

She grew up in Bristol, England and Montreal, Quebec, studied biology in Yorkshire, and gained a PhD in evolutionary genetics studying the diseases of fruit flies in Edinburgh.  She now lives in Toronto and is a member of the writing tribe ‘Literature or Chickens’ with Niki Wilson, Jenny HollandRegina Nuzzo and Katie Mast.

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